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White Noise + Polly Fibre + Broadcast + B Music

Maximum Joy present WHITE NOISE - Dave Vorhause & Mark Jenkins

Sunday 26th October

Sugar Club, Leeson Street, Dublin 2

7.30pm to 2.30pm / 15e/10e after 11pm - avail from










White Noise performing an Electric Storm - Live

Polly Fibre - Live

Broadcast Dj Set (Warp, UK)

Followed By:

Bmusic Special feat. Andy Votel and Dom Thomas

Broadcast + Maximum Joy Djs


White Noise

White Noise - one of the first all electronic groups ever - was formed in London in 1969 by American born David Vorhaus. A classical bass player with a background in both physics and electronic engineering, Vorhaus was initially joined by BBC Radiophonic Workshop composers Delia Derbyshire and Brian Hodgson (both former members of electronic music project Unit Delta Plus). Early White Noise releases on Island Records became cult classics, name-checked in later years by the likes of The Orb and Julian Cope, and influencing artists such as Stereolab, Broadcast, Add N to (X) and Luke Vibert. The Island releases opened the window for David to work in film and television and he went on to an illustrious career as a key figure in the development and adaptation of synthesiser technology. He continues to release records under the name White Noise and will be performing on the night with master synth musician Mark Jenkins.

Polly Fibre

Started in 2005, Pollyfibre announce themselves as “a girl-band from a future post-digital dimension that uses the language of fashion to investigate fashions of language”. Self-hailed as “the most successful sonic-sewing act of the 21st century”, Pollyfibre adapt dressmaking tools, using them as crude sonic instruments to deconstruct the words and symbols of the creative industries that dominate our sensibilities.









Birmingham’s Broadcast combine musique concrète, free jazz, analogue electronic wizardry and a minimalist pop sensibility to create dark folk compositions. Described by Bob Stanley of St Etienne as “beautiful and unsettling” they have been called purveyors of ‘radiophonic psychedelia’ in the tradition of ’60s electronic pop pioneers The United States of America and White Noise. For DEAF, they will be sharing some of their favourite music at the Sugar Club along with B-Music regulars Andy Votel & Dom Thomas.











B-Music is an independent collective of DJs, musicians and music lovers dedicated to the obsessive pursuit of obscure, obsolete, and underexposed experimental pop music from the sixties and seventies. Represented online at and centred around the Mancunian eponymous travelling club and bar night (hosted by Andy Votel and Dominic Thomas) - and along with twin record labels Finders Keepers and Delay 68, B-Music encompasses all elements of off-kilter counter-culture: Psych Prog Space Rock Ye-Ye Euro Beat Folk Funk Jazz and Whacked Out Movie Musak, as well as cherry pickings of bugged-out cinema, design and literature.











Maximum Joy

Inspired by the eclecticism of the New Wave/Disco era in late ’70s New York, Maximum Joy was started by Micí Durnin and Darren McCreesh in 2005, and since then they’ve been throwing parties featuring B-Music Crate Diggers, Hungarian Surf Punk, New York No Wavers, French Pop Goddesses, Canadian 8bit Laptop Noiseniks, Irish Freakbeat, Japanese Outsider Music, Cosmic Disco Legends and a slew of acts for whom descriptions have not yet been coined. Future Maximum Joy shows will feature Stereolab, Broadcast and White Noise amongst others. Expect to hear anything from Propaganda to Silver Apples.

Maximum Joy: Mici & Darren











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