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Diffusion Award

DIFFUSION 2008 / diffusion electroacoustic music prize


DEAF, RTÉ Lyric FM and The Centre for Computational Musicology and Computer Music announce the DIFFUSION 2008 International Competition for Electroacoustic Music Composition.

 Deadline for submissions: 1st September 2008

 The Jury will award three prizes:

 1st Prize:

Performance of prizewinning work on RTÉ Lyric FM as well as in concert in late 2008. In addition a €3000 commission for a new electroacoustic work also for broadcast and concert presentation at a later date. 

2nd and 3rd Prizes:


Performance of prizewinning work on RTÉ Lyric FM and in concert in late 2008.  1 week of studio time at The Centre for Computational Musicology and Computer Music at the University of Limerick.



  1. The DIFFUSION 2008 competition is aimed towards emerging composers. Entries are welcome from living composers under the age of 35 on the 1st of June 2008.
  2. The work in question should last between 8 and 12 minutes.
  3. The work should exist as an acousmatic/electroacoustic composition only. It should not include any live elements such as live electronics or live instruments nor should it be a computer realization of a traditional instrumentation.
  4. Entries should be mixed primarily for surround sound format. However all applicants must include a stereo mixdown intended for radio broadcast. A number of surround sound formats are acceptable including 5.1, 7.1 and quadraphonic, with the caveat that the maximum number of main speakers does not exceed eight.
  5. The submitted work may have had a première performance but must not have been awarded another national or international award.
  6. Applications should be submitted by registered post to the Centre for Computation Musicology & Computer Music (see full address below) and be received by the 1st September 2008.
  7. Applications should include two copies of a data CD-r containing clearly labeled audio files for the surround sound mix plus a text document illustrating the proposed location of speakers. They should also submit two copies of a standard audio CD containing the stereo mixdown intended for radio broadcast. A page containing a short biog of the composer, programme note, plus clear contact details must also be included. These materials will not be returned.
  8. The works will be judged by a panel made up of the following individuals: Trevor Wishart (United Kingdom), Kerry Hagan (Ireland), Sarah Blake (RTÉ lyric fm, Ireland). However all compositions will be vetted to ensure adherence to guidelines and suitability for competition and therefore the panel will adjudicate only on entries which have passed this first stage.
  9. With regard to the first prize of a commission, RTÉ lyric fm wishes to enter into a contract with the winner to commission a musical work between 8 and 12 minutes in duration in two-channel stereo format for Radio Broadcast.  50% of the fee shall be paid by RTÉ to the Composer on receipt by RTÉ of signed contract. The balance shall be paid by RTÉ to the Composer on receipt by RTÉ of the Work in Audio CD format.


The compositions must be sent by registered post, together with the Diffusion 2008 application form, to the following address:

Diffusion Prize
Centre for Computational Musicology & Computer Music
CSIS Building
University of Limerick


Diffusion 2008 is supported by the University of Limerick, RTÉ Lyric FM and DEAF