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Screening: Rising Tones Cross

Rising Tones Cross (1984) - written and directed by Ebba Jahn

Tickets 8euro from (limited to 30 seats per screening)

Denzille Cinema, 13 Denzille Lane, Dublin 2

Although filmed in 1984, the dirty, gritty New York captured in Ebba Jahn’s documentary recalls an earlier time, before increased gentrification and spiralling property prices put an effective end to the city as a vibrant hub of experimental music. With interviews, musical performances and fascinating visuals of the city before it became sterilised, the film’s unashamedly romantic take on the early ’80s jazz scene features a host of respected players, including William Parker, John Zorn, Peter Brotzmann, alongside the now-departed Don Cherry, Denis Charles and Peter Kowald.

DEAF thanks Ebba Jahn for permission to screen this film.

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