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DEAF Junior Workshops

Launched in 2004 in co-operation with the Ark Children’s Centre in Temple Bar (alongside their Fatima Mansions project), this immensely popular course offers a series of workshops aimed at introducing children aged from 10 to 15 to the process of creating their own electronic music.

Especially focused on children unfamiliar with digital technology, DEAF Junior aims to provide an opportunity to get hands-on experience in digital music-making and recording, helping build self-confidence in the children’s own creative powers, and with luck, sparking a lifelong interest in music creation that may contribute to developing the next generation of electronic musicians and producers.

For 2008, DEAF Junior will host a series of four workshops throughout the month of October. Each Saturday, an eight-hour workshop will take place in a different community arts centre across the city, with DEAF’s trained tutors (Donal Tierney, Toirse, Sunil Sharpe and Jonathan Hussey) working with disadvantaged children to produce music for a special compilation CD. The children’s work will be presented at a special DEAF Junior award ceremony at the The Ark during the festival.

DEAF Junior’s music equipment is kindly supplied by Enda Quealy at Futuresounds and includes such brands as M-Audio, DigiDesign and Focusrite. Also thanks to the Digital Hub for providing the workshops with laptops.

DEAF Junior Workshops Schedule 2008

Sat 27 Sept
Tallaght Community Arts Centre (tel: 4621501)
Village Square
Dublin 24

Sat 4 Oct

Ballymun Axis Centre
Main St
Dublin 9

Thurs Oct 9
The Carline Learning Centre
Lynchs Lane

Sat 18 Oct

The Ballybough Youth Project
The Belvedere Youth Club
41 Lower Buckingham Street
Dublin 1

Sat 25 Oct
DEAF Junior Awards Ceremony:
The Ark, Children’s Cultural Centre, Temple Bar, Dublin 2


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