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EVENT 1: Film Base, Curved Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2 - Fri 24 Oct : 8pm – 11pm : FREE

‘Cycles’ - Exhibition & Multimedia performances.


– Interactive installation featuring submitted motion and audio loops based on the theme Cycles.
– A1 Poster Exhibition featuring 100+ artists
– Limited free Becks Bier

– Karl Him & Gavin Duffy (Cas pas Cas)(Musical Performance)
– Hugh Cooney (Art Dispensing Machine)
– Sarah Brennan (Multimedia theatrical performance)
– Fergal & George Brennan (Audio/visual installation)
– Futureproof - Touch Screen Glass Synthesiser featuring all submitted audio loops
– Interactive GIF-shoot for Meeting House Square & Button Factory
– El Piano Audio installation
– More TBA

followed by:
EVENT 2: The Button Factory, (opp Filmbase) - Fri 24 Oct - 11pm – 3am
– The Synth Eastwood Band performing a set with all the submitted audio loops based again on our theme Cycles
– Visuals created at the earlier event in FilmBase using the audience members will accompany the band

*Please note that this event takes place with NightFlight and will have a admission fee.

EVENT 3: Meeting House Square Outdoor Screen

Temple Bar, Dublin 2.

Fri 24 Oct - 8pm - 11pm


Synth Eastwood present ‘Cycles’
Live outdoor art & projected video exhibition by Synth Eastwood

– Cycling installation that allows the public to control the projected
visuals via a modified exercise bike. Visuals will be projected
onto Photographic Gallery in Meeting House Square.
– Submitted motion loops
– Visuals created at FilmBase & the Button Factory event using
audience members








Established in 2006, Synth Eastwood is a Dublin-based music, art and technology group dedicated to staging interactive and collaborative events based around specific themes. Alongside a handful of guest acts, Synth Eastwood perform a one-off set based on each show’s particular theme. To date, they have staged four shows in Dublin and one in Berlin. The theme for their DEAF show is Cycles.

Full details about this and all the submitted work to date can be seen at their website

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