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This year’s film programme features short films from Croatia, Serbia, Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Burkina Faso, Mauritania, France, Ireland, Russia, Japan, South Africa and USA, selected by Alan Lambert and the Solus network in collaboration with Vladan Petkovic ( Serb ), Sherif Awad ( Egypt ), Mohamed Ghazala ( Egypt ) and ‘Fugitive Projects’ ( USA ) – with additional live Video performances and new live soundtracks from ‘Supafast’, 3epkano, !Kaboogie and including Crash Ensemble’s screening of Godfrey Reggio’s ‘Koyaanisqatsi: Life out of Balance’.


In last year’s film selection there was a fair Americana leaning, from the first festival of 100 one minute films from the Nashville based group ‘Fugitive Projects’ to Jonas Mekas’ 90 minute selection from his famous ‘365′ video project. There was also a nice selection of new Spanish experimental films sourced by Esperanza Collado, and a collection of Super-8mm curiosities in ‘Lost Classics’.

This year the Americana flavour is still there with Fugitive Projects’ second installment of their bi-annual festival of one minute films, but it’s broadened its scope with an array of international selectors, from Montreal to Brazil, Cairo to Zurich and Dublin. There is also more of a performative element with ‘Supafast’ and 3epkano’s live video and soundtrack performances

Last year there was quite a de-centralised set of screening venues, between the Joy and Joinery Galleries and the Denzille Cinema – and we’ve continued that mode this year, with the addition of the Odessa Club, the Sycamore Club, the Contemporary Music Centre, Kevin Kavanagh and Filmbase. We will also have guest speaker, Sherif Awad, film critic for Egypt Today magazine, who contributed the Middle Eastern short documentary programme.

This year’s overall programme aims to create a sense of the cultural sweep from North Africa, through the Middle East to Eastern Europe and the Balkans, with a leaning towards the independent and experimental, but without loosing site of the Irish filmmakers role within all this. So, the central Solus Anthologies integrate Irish independent and experimental filmmakers with works from individuals and groups in these regions. And in the first DEAF collaboration with the Experimental Film Club, Irish filmmaker Moira Tierney will be presenting her new work in conjunction with her recent collaborations with ‘Maison Des Cineastes’ from Mauritania. The Joinery Gallery will also be running the works of Cairo based artist Khaled Hafez as part of their ‘ If these walls could talk ‘ – Video Art Show.

So, I hope there is something of interest to everyone in this year’s film programme and here is the full list of where and when you can catch it all;


Thurs 22nd-Sat 31st: If these walls could talk MORE INFO HERE

Video Art Show + DEAF Egyptian Film Programme by Khaled Hafez and Ahmed El-Shaer (Egypt) – (please note Launch on Wed 21st Oct 7pm)

The Joinery, 6 Rosemount Terrace, Arbour Hill, Dublin 7
Free 11am – 6pm

004 Fugitive AmericanThurs 22nd-Sat 31st: Fugitive Video Project 2009 (USA) MORE INFO HERE

Filmbase, Curved Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2
Free 11am -8pm



Fri 23rd: Balkan Shorts, selected by Vladan Petkovic ( Serbia ) MORE INFO HERE

Contemporary Music Centre, 19 Fishamble Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 8

Free 6pm -7pm Note: Max Capacity 30 seats

koyaanisqatsiSat 24th: Crash Ensemble present Koyaanisqatsi MORE INFO HERE

Performing works by Steve Reich & Philip Glass, plus screening Philip Glass’s ‘Koyaanisqatsi: Life out of Balance’ directed by Godfrey Reggio @ Smock Alley Theatre (Formerly known as SS Michael And John. Lower Exchange Street -just off Parliament Street). Screening at approx 9.30pm after performance.

7.30pm €15 / 10 BUY TICKETS

051b Sixfoot_ApprenticeSat 24th: !Kaboogie present

Live performances from Automatic Tasty (Irl), Gland & Conduit (Irl), Sixfoot Apprentice (Irl) in between screenings of ‘Alchemists Of Sound’, ‘High Tech Soul’, ‘RIP: A Remix Manifesto’. MORE INFO HERE

The Joinery, 6 Rosemount Terrace, Arbour Hill, Dublin 7

3pm – 7.30pm Free

Egyptian_Prog_1Sat 24th: Egyptian/Middle Eastern Documentary Shorts – Part 1; Experimental MORE INFO HERE

Joy Gallery, 2 Rutland Place, Parnell Street East, Dublin 1

Free 2pm -4pm

071 Experimental FCSun 25th: The Experimental Film Club presents MORE INFO HERE

Moira Tierney & collaborators ‘Maison Des Cineastes’, Mauritania. Odessa Club, Dame Court, Dublin 2

5 – 7pm: Euro 5

Solus_Prog_1Tue 27th: Solus Anthologies Part 1: Irish and international shorts MORE INFO HERE

The Sycamore Club, Sycamore Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

Free 6pm -8pm

Egyptian_Prog_2Wed 28th: Egyptian/Middle Eastern Documentary Shorts – Part 2; Narrative. MORE INFO HERE

Speaker / Curator: Sherif Awad, Film Critic for Egypt Today Magazine.

The Odessa Club, Dame Court, Dublin 2
Free 6pm -8pm

Sayaru Yeti 03Thur 29th: African and Irish Animation Programme MORE INFO HERE

curated by Mohamed Ghazala, Director of ASIFA, Egypt.

The Sycamore Club, Sycamore Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

6pm – 8pm Free

Supafast company logo150mmby150mmFri 30th: ‘Supafast’ present MORE INFO HERE

Enda McNally (Video/performance, Irl), HughCooney (Video/Performance, Irl), Tom Lynn (Live, Irl), Paddy Lynn (Live, Irl), Doug Cooney (live, Irl), Blood BottleR (live, Irl), Blue Food (live, Irl)

Kennedys, The Underground, Westland Row, Dublin 2

9pm – 3am 5 before midnight /8 after

haxanFriday 30th: Young Hearts Run Free present MORE INFO HERE

Haxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages – Benjamin Christensen’s 1922 documentary – with live score from 3epKano.

Unitarian Church, 112 St. Stephen’s Green West, Dublin 2

10pm 8

OuroborosFri 30th: ‘Ouroboros: Ocean Dreams ‘ MORE INFO HERE

a feature length collection of shorts by Alan Lambert

Kevin Kavanagh, Chancery Lane, Dublin 8

Free 6pm -8pm

Solus_Prog_2Sat 31st: ‘Solus’ Anthologies Part 2: Irish and International shorts, cont. MORE INFO HERE

Joy Gallery, 2 Rutland Place, Parnell Street East, Dublin 1

Free 2pm – 4pm