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Balkan Shorts

Crvenkapa 01Contemporary Music Centre, 19 Fishamble Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 8

Friday 23rd

FREE 6pm -7pm

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE SEATING CAPACITY FOR THIS EVENT IS 30 – So please come early as a first come first served policy has to be adhered to.

The Balkans is a region of many contrasts, and such is the selection of short animated and experimental films compiled for DEAF. From technical and intellectual sophistication of much-lauded ‘Phantasmagorie 2008′, through simplicity and inventiveness of ‘Mobile Phone Mania’, to raw emotion of ‘Situationist’ and clear political statements of ‘Tolerantia’ and ‘Endemic Garden, the Balkan shorts film-makers convey the character of this beautiful and troubled part of Europe.

The films in selection have been chosen from three festivals: International Festival of Short and Documentary Film in Belgrade (Serbia), International Short Film Festival Kratkofil in Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and 25FPS Experimental Film Festival in Zagreb (Croatia).

Vladan Petkovic is a Belgrade-based independent journalist, film critic, festival programmer and producer. Since 2001, he has been covering former Yugoslavia for Screen International, and since 2007 Croatia and Slovenia for Cineuropa. He is currently the programmer for International Short Film Festival Kratkofil in Banja Luka.


Fantasmagorie 2008,

Rastko Ciric, Serbia 2008, 8 min, 35mm, animated


Ivan Ramadan, BiH 2008, 6 min, 35 mm- animated

Situationist (Situacionista),

Igor Bosnjak, BiH 2008, 11 min, DVCam, experimental

Endemic Garden (Krajski vrt),

Bojan Stevanic, BiH 2007, 4 min, 35 mm- animated

Mobile Phone Mania (Mobitel Mania),

Darko Vidackovic, Croatia 2008, 5′, Beta SP – animated

The Glacier

Kratkofil improvised film workshop, with Alan Lambert – 2008, 12 min

Programme Duration: 50 mins approx.



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