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Thursday 22nd – Saturday 31st October 2009

DEAF returns with our most extensive programme to date, including films, gallery installations, workshops, live gigs and club events.  We ask you to glance through the programme at the more than 150 events on offer, confident that you’ll find something in there for you;  <> 

The sheer number and diversity of events on offer at DEAF this year certainly gives us cause for celebration. It’s hugely encouraging to see so many artists, promoters and collectives taking complete ownership of the events they’re running for DEAF, with an all-round dedication and professionalism that is, in our experience, unprecedented and what truly feels like Dublin’s festival!  A sold-out fundraising event in August – plus the simple fact that our programme has almost tripled in size since 2008 – offers further testament to the positive spirit in which DEAF is taking place in 2009.   And for that, we extend a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to all those participating.  

DEAF is supported by the Arts Council of Ireland.

 the official DEAF box office will operate from Road Records (Fade Street) and City Discs (Temple Bar), plus online at

For interviews, press images please contact:  Karen Walshe    087 – 9754101 

DEAF 2009 Line-up
Plaid (Live Classics Set, Warp, UK)
Soap & Skin (Austria)
Aux 88 (live, Mad Scientist Tour 2009, USA)
Tim Exile (Warp, Live UK)
Hypnotic Brass Ensemble (USA)
Mountains (USA)
Surgeon (UK)
Clark (Warp, Live UK)
Dam Funk (Stones Throw, US)
Sunken Foal (Irl) 
Ulrich Schnauss(Ger)
Toshimaru Nakamura (Jap)
David Rodigan (Kiss FM – Real Authentic Reggae UK)
Crash Ensemble (Irl)
Bill Brewster [DJ History / Low Life - UK]
Somadrone (Irl)
David Holmes (N.Irl) 
Cristian Vogel (live, UK) 
Planetary Assault Systems (Live,, UK)
Grouper (USA)
Grovskopa (Sweden)
Spatial Music Collective (Irl)
Spilly Walker (Irl)
Twin Kranes (Irl)
Roger Doyle (Irl)
Seán Óg (Irl)
Andy Votel (UK)
Vaughan Oliver / Graphic designer (UK)
Like A Tim (live, NL)
Beardyman (UK)
Legion of Two (live, Irl) 
Quiet Music Ensemble (Irl) with guest artist David Toop (UK)
The Judith Mok Hamsa Ensemble (Irl)
Chip Shop Music (Martin Kuchen, Erik Carlsson, Paul Vogel & David Lacey – Swe & Irl)
Hardfloor (live, Ger)
Projector Collective (Irl)
!Kaboogie (Irl)
16 Hertz & Johnny Oakley (Live, Irl)
303 (Irl)
3epKano (Irl)
Aciitone (Irl)
Adam Kelly (Irl)
African and Irish Animation Programme
Ahmed El-Shaer (Egypt)
Alan Lambert (Irl)
Alexander Tucker (ATP Recordings)
Alicia Frankovich (NZ)
‘All City’ Showcase (Art & Label)
Americhord (live, Irl)
Amsterdam Beat Club (Irl)
Ancient Methods (Live, Ger)
Angkorwatt (Irl)
Audio Tickle (Irl)
Automated Music (Irl)
Automatic Tasty (Irl)
Babalonia (Irl)
Baby Beef (Irl)
Baby Dave (Irl)
Bang Hazard (Irl)
Barry Dempsey (Virtu Studios, Irl)
Barry Donovan (Irl)
Beautiful Unit (Irl)
Benji See (Irl)
Berndnaut Smilde (NL)
Bibio (Laptop/ DJ)
Big Dish Go (Irl)
Big Time (Irl)
Black Citizen (Irl)
Black Light Night (Irl)
Blood BottleR (live, Irl) 
Blue Food (live, Irl)
Blue Nun (Irl)
B-music (UK)
Bottlenote Collective (Irl)
Boys of Summer (Irl) 
Broken Bus Driver Movement (Irl)
Brother Luke (Irl)
Brown Cloud (Kachanski and Rory St John) (Irl
Candice Jacobs (UK) 
Candy Collective (Irl)
Check The Guns (Jay O’Callaghan, Irl)
Children Under Hoof (Irl)
ChoiceCuts (Irl)
Ciaran Murphy (Irl)
Cignol (Live, Irl)
Climaxx DJs (Irl)
Conan O’Donnell (Irl)
D1 Recordings (Irl)
Dan Power (Electric Shock, Irl)
Darren Humphries (Irl)
Dave Fields (Irl)
David O’ Reilly / Filmmaker and Animator (Irl/Ger)
DEAF Egyptian Film Programme 
DEAFest Most Freaked Out DanceWave (Irl)
Defekt (Ir)
Deirdre O’ Callaghan (Irl)
Desy Balmer (Irl) 
Diatribe Recordings (Irl)
Dj DoubleV (Irl)
Dj Guy (Irl)
DJ Izem (Irl)
DJ Jus-Ed (Underground Quality – Connecticut, USA) 
DJ Kormac (Irl)
DJ Marina Diniz (Irl)
DJ N>E>D (Overkill, Warp, Live UK)
Dj Rico (Irl)
DJ Scope (Irl)
Donal Dineen (Irl)
Donal Siggins (Irl)
Donnacha Costello (Minimise / Look Long, Live, Irl)
Doug Cooney (live, Irl)
Doug Sheridan (Irl) (Irl)
Dubreak (Irl)
E+S=B (Irl)
Earwiggle (Irl)
Ed Devane (Irl)
Educution (live, D1 Irl)
Egyptian Documentary Shorts – Part 2
Electric City (Irl)
Electro Celt Irl)
Elevation (Irl)
Emer Mayock (Irl) 
Enda McNally (Video/performance, Irl), 
Enda Waldron (Irl)
Eomac (Live, Ilr)
Euphiophone (Irl)
Ev Tiernan (Irl)
External Sound DJs
Firehouse Skank (Irl)
ForceFed / Scurvy Lass (Live, Irl)
Fran Hartnett (Live, Irl)
Francois (Irl) 
Fugitive Video Project 2009 (USA)
FVF (Irl)
Fyodor (Irl)
Galactic Beat Club (Irl)
Gavin Duffy (Irl)
Gereon Krebber (DE)
Gerry Molumby
Giles Armstrong (Irl)
Gland & Conduit (Irl)
Groovement (Irl)
Häxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages – Benjamin Christensen’s 1922 documentary
Howie Miller (Irl, DJ)
HughCooney (Video/Performance, Irl)
Hulk (Irl)
H Bomb Boogie (Irl)
Hunter-Gatherer (Irl)
I + E (Irl)
Island Culture (Irl)
Jamie Behan (Irl)
Jay Galligan (Test, Irl)
Jay Grogan (Irl)
Jay Riordan (Irl)
Jaycee (Pygmalion, Irl)
Jim Carroll (Irl) 
Jimmy Penguin (Live, Irl)
JO & Kelsa (Irl)
Joe Morrissey [Subject, Irl] 
John The Mantis & Aidano (Irl)
John Weise (USA) 
Johny Alpha & T-woc (Irl)
Jon Hussey (Irl)
Karl Burke (Irl)
Keep Schtum (Irl)
Kenny Hanlon (Infinitestatemachine, Irl)
Kevin Barry (Irl)
Kevin Blake (Irl)
Khaled Hafez (Egypt)
King T (Irl)
Lakker (Live, Irl)
Laura Sheeran (Live, Irl)
Led Soup (Irl)
Lex Woo (Irl)
Lief Ryan (live, UK)
Linda Buckley (Irl)
Linda Quinlan (Irl)
Little Creatures / Luke Solomon (Live, UK) 
Love Rhino (Live, Irl)
Lunar Disko (Irl)
Maison Des Cineastes Mauritania
Manus Goan (Live, Irl)
Mark Broom (D1 UK)
Mark Garry (Irl)
Martin Ansbro (GoFish, Irl)
Massplanck (Irl, live)
Matjazz (Irl)
Maximum Joy (Irl)
Mayer Hawthorne & The County (Stones Throw, USA)
MC Little Tree (Irl)
Melesta (Irl)
Messages Sonores (Irl)
Michael McKenna (Irl)
Mode Music (Irl)
Mohamed Ghazala (Director of ASIFA, Egypt)
Moira Tierney (Irl)
Morla (Irl)
Mr Jones (Irl)
Munroe & Cooper (Irl)
My Heart is in the East (Irl)
Naphta (Irl)
Neosupervital (Irl)
Niall Power (Irl)
Nic James
Nice & Nasty (Irl)
Nightflight DJs
OneTrack (Irl)
Over (Irl)
Paddy Glackin (Irl) 
Paddy Lynn (Live, Irl) 
Pallas Studios (Irl)
Pastures New (Irl)
Paudi Ahern (Test, Irl)
Paul Smith [Leonid] (Irl)
Peter Cosgrove (Irl)
Peter Maybury (Irl)
Pitch Black Live, NZ)
Polaroid (Irl)
Polly Fibre (Irl)
Power FM and Friends (Irl)
Psychonavigation (Irl)
PushMoveClick (Irl)
Q the Monkey VJ (Irl)
Redmonk (DJ)
Richard Brophy (Irl)
Ro Flynn (Subject / Galactic Beat Club, Irl)
Rob Glennon (Irl)
Rogue Frequency (Live,Irl)
Rory St John (Irl)
Rosanna (Irl)
Russell Parker (Subject / Galactic Beat Club, Irl)
Ruth Proctor (GB)
Sarsparilla (Live, Irl)
Scan One (Live, Irl)
Scribble Records (Irl)
Second Square to None (Irl)
SeedyR (Irl)
Shaun Mac & Daire Delmar (Irl)
Sherif Awad (Film Critic, Egypt Today Magazine)
Simon Burch (Irl)
Simon Conway (Irl)
Simon Jermyn (Irl)
Sixfoot Apprentic  (Irl)
Skinny Wolves (Irl)
Solen (Live, Irl)
Solus Anthologies Part 1 & Part 2 (Irl)
Static Recordings (Irl)
Steph Power (Irl)
Stephen Manning (Irl)
Stereotonic (Irl)
Subject (Irl)
Sunday Roast (Irl)
Sunil Sharpe (Irl) 
Surge (Irl)
SweetTalk (Irl)
T.Polar (Irl)
Takeover Recordings (Irl)
Teknowarfare (Irl)
Ten Second Rule Audio Recycling (Irl)
thatboytim (Irl
The Alphabet Set (Irl)
The Experimental Film Club (Irl)
The Joinery (Irl)
The Magnificent 7’s
The Model, Sligo (Irl)
The Monster Mash (Irl)
The Paralell (Irl)
The Resistance (Irl)
The Secret Boutique (Irl)
Thread Pulls (Irl)
Tim Green (UK)
Toejam (Irl)
Toirse (Educution Irl)
Tom Beary (Scribble / Bodytonic, Irl)
Tom Lynn (Live, Hospital, Irl)
Ventolyn & Becotyde (Live, Irl)
Vince MakMahon (Irl)
VJ Julyo & Q.P.O.P
Vladan Petkovic (Serb)
Wayward Distractions (Irl)
Young Hearts Run Free (Irl)
Yurodny (Irl)
Zombie Disco Squad (UK)


DEAF 2002 – Present:

Now entering it’s eight year, the Dublin Electronic Arts Festival is independently-run by veteran Irish music label D1 Recordings ( and is every year further cementing its reputation as one of the most forward-thinking events of its kind in our cultural calendar. DEAF’s artistic remit has widened considerably since its inception, moving beyond the confines of its roots in club culture, realising Ireland as a creative centre for the digital arts. Nonetheless, the festival has succeeded in remaining true to its core ethos: to focus on the experimental, and to promote a genuine inclusiveness in its approach to showcasing the electronic arts to new audiences in Ireland.

Since its inception in 2002, DEAF has established close links with many of the most exalted names in the electronic arts: from artists such as Coil, Nurse With Wound, Plaid, Ulrich Schnauss, Static, Tarwater, Taylor Deupree, Frank Breitschneider, Laurent Garnier, Roger Doyle, 4 Hero, Rahzel, Undergound Resistance, Crash Ensemble, Photek, Ewan Pearson, Richard Chartier, Pamelia Kurstin and Lisle Ellis.

DEAF is committed not just to the annual programming of a series of flagship events to represent them, but also to the establishment of a broader framework within which selected artists, producers and musicians are given an opportunity to present their work to Irish audiences alongside artists of international renown. DEAF also seeks to promote discussion on the subject of the electronic arts, to provide the public with opportunities to get hands-on experience of new technologies employed in the digital arts, and to present the electronic arts in new and exciting environments.