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Solus Anthologies – Part 1

Solus_Prog_1Solus Anthologies Part 1: Irish & international shorts

Solus is an independent film collective established with the dual aim of showing Irish short and avant-garde films abroad, and international short and avant-garde films in Ireland. Since 2005, Solus have built two main programmes of work; the first has enjoyed international screenings at St. Petersburg Contemporary Arts Centre, the University of the West Indies, the Jonas Mekas Centre in Vilnius, and at South Valley University in Luxor, Egypt. The second programme was premiered in Anthology Film Archives in New York in late 2008, and will be travelling around North Africa and the Middle East later this year.

The DEAF Film Programmes ‘Solus: Anthologies Part 1 & 2′ comprise the Irish premieres of these collections.


Spléachadh ( Dublin )
James Kelly, video, colour, 1 min.

We Still Got It
Johnny Kelly, video, Colour, 4 mins

Empire 2
Dónal Ó’Céilleachair, video, colour, 4 mins

Moira Tierney / Dalius Naujokaitis, super8mm / video, 3 mins

Imitation of South
Stom Sogo, super8mm, B&W, 16 mins

Wallets Full Of Blood: Zombie Banker Blues
Aaronrip, video, B&W, 19 mins

Wallets Full of Blood: Zombie Banker Blues from aaronrip on Vimeo.

Untitled No.1
Masha Godovannaya, super8mm/DV, B&W, 4 mins

The Glacier
Alan Lambert & the Kratkofil Workshop, video, Colour, 12 mins

Ronan Coyle, video, colour, 4 mins

Beasts of the Free Enterprise Zone
Dennis Kenny, video, colour, 2 mins

( Cork )
James Kelly, video, colour, 1 min