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Automatic Tasty, Gland & Conduit, Sixfoot Apprentice, + films ‘Alchemists Of Sound’, ‘High Tech Soul’, ‘RIP: A Remix Manifesto’.

051b Sixfoot_Apprentice!Kaboogie present

Automatic Tasty (Irl), Gland & Conduit (Irl), Sixfoot Apprentice  (Irl), + films ‘Alchemists Of Sound’, ‘High Tech Soul’, ‘RIP: A Remix Manifesto’.

The Joinery, 6 Rosemount Terrace, Arbour Hill, Dublin 7           

3pm  – 7.30pm            FREE

 Automatic Tasty

With releases on Acroplane and Netlab, and a string of live sets behind him, Automatic Tasty and his array of old and new skool machines promise to deliver a head-nodding blend of melodic acid techno  for DEAF ‚09.

 *Automatic Tasty will be playing before a screening of ‚’High Tech Soul‚’, a documentary charting the origins and the rise of techno music out of the abandoned warehouses of post-industrial Detroit.

051 0 Gland_&_ConduitGland & Conduit

A duo comprised of Herv and Meljoann (two Dublin-based electronic acts), this project incorporates musique concrete, melodic noise, and electronica. Recent shows have been extremely well received, including a set at the Sunday afternoon experimental bash Second Square To None. A Gland & Conduit album is scheduled for release later this year.

*Gland & Conduit will be playing before a screening of ‚’Alchemists Of Sound‚’, a documentary about the BBC Radiophonic Workshop – the innovative in-house music and effects department for radio and TV which came to exert a lasting influence over modern electronic composers.

Sixfoot Apprentice

!Kaboogie mash-fetishist Sixfoot Apprentice plays a copyright infringing mix of hip-hop, dub, pop and indie, shopped up and re-assembled in a bass-heavy style.

*Sixfoot Apprentice will be playing before a screening of ‚’RIP: A Remix Manifesto‚’, a documentary about copyright, and mashup/ remix culture.