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African and Irish Animation

Sayaru Yeti 03The Sycamore Club, Sycamore Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2
FREE 6pm -8pm

A selection of African animations from Uganda / Kenya / Ethiopia / Tanzania / Burkina Faso / Egypt and South Africa – dating from 1935 to the present. Curated by Mohamed Ghazala, director of ASIFA Egypt.

This programme is combined with a selection of recent Irish animations from the Solus network.


Mich-Mich in Nothing to Do
Director: Frenkel, Egypt/1935, Technique: 2D, Duration: 14:01

The Tale of How
Director: The Blackheart Gang, South Africa/2006, Technique: 3D, Duration: 04:31

Living the Motif of Life
Director: Maina Mucoki, Diana Namayanja & M Oduor, Uganda/2005, Tech: Stop Motion/2D, Duration: 02:08

Director: Allan Mwaniki & Tom Mbalu, Kenya/2006, Technique: 2D, Duration: 03:20

George’s Date

Director: Anthony Silverstone, South Africa/2005, Technique: Claymation, Duration:01:10

Sayari Yetu
Director: Mohamed Ghazala & Bruktawit Tigabu, Egypt & Ethiopia/2006, Technique: Cut-Out, Duration: 02:45

Bon Voyage 05:27

Shiku’s Song
Director: Moses Wanjuki & Tony Sankale, Kenya/2004, Technique: Cut-Out, Duration: 02:20

Director: Mohamed Ghazala, Egypt/2005, Technique: 2D, Duration: 02:17

Toto’s Journey
Director: Alfred Muchilwa & Godfery Semwaiko, Kenya & Tansania/2005, Technique: 2D, Duration: 01:57

Director: Omar Nasser, Helwan University, Egypt/2005, Technique: 2D, Duration: 01:57

The Woman with Three Husbands
Director: C Sawadogo and D Roy, Burkina Faso/1993, Technique: 2D, Duration: 06:00


ASIFA EgyptMohamed Ghazala is the director of ASIFA, Egypt. He has participated in many international festivals and workshops, such as “Africa Animated 3.0″, a project of UNESCO in Nairobi/Kenya 2006, “Insight Out” workshop in HFF-Film & TV academy in Potsdam/Germany 2007, and the ANIMART workshop in Greece 2008.


A Map With Gaps
Director: Alice Nelson, Ireland/Scotland/2006, Animation-Live Action/25:46 min

Home Is Where The Heart Is 1, 2, 3
Director: Vera Klute, Ireland, 2009, Animation-Live Action/2:32 min / 0:58 min / 1:18 min

At This Moment
Director: Vera Klute, Ireland, 2008, 4:56 min

Music Is Math
Director: Glenn Marshall, Ireland, 2005, generative, 5:24 min