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Beautiful Unit / New Spaces for Music

073_Beautiful Unit

The Model present Beautiful Unit / New Spaces for Music (Irl)           

Location will be announced online no more than 24hours before the performance takes place. Check DEAF on twitter, facebook or the website to get details

NS            4pm                        FREE            ‚


New Sounds, Different spaces‚ Beautiful Unit

Beautiful Unit explores the sonic possibilities of real time sound manipulation using 8-bit sampling, repetitive grooves and live music. The audio performance is directly related to the visual component created by Hector Castelles.


Every space is different, says co-founder Brian Mooney, from playing in the back of a van in car parks to disused shops, living rooms to barns, this event could take place anywhere‚ ¶ The idea is to break down the barrier between performer and spectator‚ ¶ to challenge the perception that artists are somehow on a ‚ higher platform‚  to the audience‚ ¶ We‚ re getting rid of the stage‚ .

‚ New Sounds, Different Spaces‚  has been devised specifically for a once off tour of Ireland in October 2009. Beautiful Unit is grateful for the support of the Music Network and the Arts Council of Ireland.

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