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Democracy Now

d1-recordingsD1 Recordings present Naphta ‘democracy. now’ album launch

Filmbase, Curved Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2
7pm  – 9.30pm €10 [includes a free copy of the double-pack vinyl, plus complimentary beers]

Two years ago, Irish jungle/drum n bass pioneer Naphta delivered his blueprint for the sound that he’d represented through ten years as Bassbin’s original resident DJ. The album ‘Long Time Burning’ both garnered critical acclaim, and went on to lay the foundation for a new Irish-based vinyl label, ‘Ruff Revival’. Since then, only last year’s ‘A Word About Violence’ on DEAF’s compilation CD provided any clue as to what was next.

Now D1 is proud to present the launch of Naphta’s latest work. Drawing upon his skills at sample selection and manipulation, ‘democracy. now’ both maps out a new narrative environment that begs further musical exploration – and offers an unflinching engagement with the overtly political that is rarely heard in music these days.

More than two years in the making, this impressionistic hour-long piece draws upon received sound from forty years of war, recycling and re-contextualising audio culled from films, documentaries and video uploads into a rhythmically and atmospherically engaging trip; one that veers from the darkly humorous, to the simply dark.

DONE048-SAdmission to this event includes a free copy of the double-pack vinyl, plus complimentary beers. Attendees are asked to arrive by 7.30pm promptly, whereupon ‘’ will be played in full for the first time. (Please note that the album is approximately one hour long, so we ask that you help keep the listening experience undisturbed for others).

A short Q&A with Naphta will follow afterwards, where he’ll address any questions or observations that might arise from this ‘audio screening’. As this event will be seated, capacity is limited. Tickets cost €10 and are available from Road Records, City Discs, and
Following the launch, the remaining copies of this extremely ltd. edition vinyl-only double-pack will be sold exclusively through Road Records in Dublin.

Check samples from the hour long piece below:

1. Game on part 1 [edit] Preview  
2. Shock doc [edit] Preview  
3. Independence day [edit] Preview  
4. All business [edit] Preview  
5. 54321 freedom [edit] Preview  
6. The devil walks between us [edit] Preview  
7. The war for cheese [edit] Preview      
8. Hearts and minds [edit] Preview  
9. You got me over there [eidt] Preview